Hello! Welcome one and all to my blog! So let me introduce myself… my name is Bradley and I’m a 40 something father of 3 from the South Coast of England. I run a property development business with my best pal Kevin, but when I’m not working or spending time with the family, I have my head buried in a book! I guess I would be one of those people who are placed under the term ‘book-worm’.

I like all kinds of literature, but at the moment I have been reading lots of books on personal development, focussing mostly on the area of leadership and success. I view myself as a successful individual, but I always want to strive for the next achievement or goal…and this mentality is really what got me to where I am today. So I often use books as a resource to further my learning…knowledge is power after all!

So with this in mind I’ve decided to start a blog where I will be posting book reviews on some of current books I am/will be reading. I haven’t really done this before, but I feel that writing about the books I am reading will help me to better consume and analyse what I am reading, whilst also having the added benefit of maybe being interesting and useful to other people out there on the web…like YOU! My plan is to split up the reviews over a few blog posts, so I can get my thoughts down on the book as I go…rather than writing the posts in retrospect after finishing the book.

To be totally honest I’m not sure how well I’ll do at this and if I’ll stick at it…so if you do read something I post and you like it, or hate it, or just have something to say, then please please please do! Any contribution from anyone else will be much appreciated.

Right now all that’s put the way… I suppose I should explain the name of this blog, as I bet you’re wondering! Well it’s quite simple really, when I had the idea of starting this blog, I was sat reading a book in the lobby of the Aquin Paris Hotel whilst on a romantic weekend away with my wife. So I thought it would be ‘romantic’ to name the blog after where the idea for it was born… almost like how some parents name their child after the place they were conceived! Haha!

So there we go…I’ll leave it there for now. Hope you enjoy the blog 🙂

P.s… watch the vid below if you aren’t convinced that reading is great!